Using DiSC Profiles as a Hiring Tool


Many organizations use DiSC to analyze their current employee’s – so why wouldn’t they use DiSC to analyze potential new employees?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fool proof way to hire the exact right person for the exact right job?  Although we don’t claim that the personality assessment tool, DiSC is fool proof, we can suggest that it is a fantastic tool for helping you make better, more informed choices and decisions on hiring the best person.

It’s important to understand that the DiSC tool is giving you a look inside the mind of the person you’re hiring.  We’re not saying that you must hire a D (Dominance) style person for a managerial role, or an I (Influence) style person for a sales role.  We are suggesting that you should take a look at the various roles within your organization, understand the characteristics you’re looking for, establish some bench marks and use the DiSC tool as an aid to hiring the person with the characterises most closely matched with what you deem to be the most important.  Further to this, it is important that you use DiSC as an aid to your hiring process.  It’s not necessarily the style that the person is, but it is how adaptable they!  How do you determine how adaptable someone is?  During the interview, ask behavioural questions that get the candidate talking about how they would handle various situations.  Your job is to listen to the responses and determine how adaptable he or she is.

How do you apply the DiSC tool when hiring for a specific role?  First, take someone who exemplifies the best fit for this role within your organization and have them complete a DiSC profile.  This will give you an understanding of the type of person you are looking for to fill the role.  You can then use this profile as a benchmark for future hires.  Next, go through the interview process as you normally would.  Once you have the candidates narrowed down to the top 3, have each of them complete a DiSC profile.  You can then compare the personality traits of the candidates to the benchmark you have already established.  DiSC allows you to get a highly accurate understanding of your candidates work styles and what he or she prioritizes.  Remember, there are no good or bad traits; there is a role that will suit any DiSC style.  And any DiSC style could likely fill a wide verity of roles; DiSC however, allows you to determine and understand what characteristics you’re looking for, for a specific role.

Consider this – within our business, we do one-on-one coaching.  It is mandatory that anyone we coach completes a DiSC profile.  Why?  Because it provides us with insight as to how the person thinks, what they prioritize as being important, allowing us to provide more effective coaching. Personality profiles are invaluable as a hiring and management tool.


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