Which DiSC Profile is Best?

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The age old question – which DiSC profile is best?  Is there a certain quadrant that is “better” or more successful?  Should we all be trying to become a certain style?  No!  Of course not.  With DiSC, there is no right, wrong, good or bad.  You are who you are!  Now, embracing this concept is easier said than done.  I’ve been in the “DiSC world” for several years, I eat, sleep and breath, everything DiSC (pun intended).  And even still, it took me quite a while to truly appreciate who I am and the strengths and challenges that go along with that.

I spent many years hoping and trying to become a “D” (Dominance).  After all, my business partner (and father) is a D.  My successful husband is a D.  It’s hard not to admire the traits of the other quadrants – I wish I could be “the life of the party” (an ‘i’ – influence),  I wish I didn’t feel so uncomfortable in a room of people I don’t know.  I wish I didn’t have to turn everything into an organized list.  I wish I could make decisions without feeling the need to always consult my team.  But with a little awareness, a lot of dedication and practice, I’ve learned how to appreciate my strengths and adapt my style when I need to!

When I facilitate a DiSC session, one of my favorite things to do is quiz the participants and have them do a “people reading” exercise on me using their DiSC Interaction Guides.  Often participants people read me as an “i/S”; I find this flattering because I’ve worked so hard to adapt my style when in a classroom setting.  The neat thing about this is that most of the time, they hit on the S (Steadiness) my true style, and often they suggest “i” as well.  So what’s happening here?  I’m adapting!  I’ve learned to adjust my communication when I’m facilitating to a group.  Although it’s taken a lot of practice, and it’s not in my comfort zone – I can do it!  And do it well (if i don’t say so myself – there we go, a bit more “i” coming out again!).

With DiSC, it’s all about understanding yourself better, what you prioritize and preference and then recognizing and respecting those traits in others.  When you adapt your communication style to the person your speaking with, you’ll be amazed at the results.


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