What Makes a Great Leader?


Many people wonder which style exerts the best leadership skills…. Do you have to be a “D” (Dominance) in order to be a great leader?  Or even a good leader?

As an SC, I used to get the feeling that my style was inferior to those with a D style.  There was this nagging thought in the back of my mind that only D and i’s could become CEO’s and Presidents.  WRONG!  It’s not the DiSC style that makes a leader great, it’s how adaptable you are when working with people with similar and different styles from you.  It’s understanding who you are as a person, and adapting your style to meet the needs of others.  It’s being able to people read and understand what styles the people are that surround you (if you don’t have the luxury of having them complete a DiSC assessment).

According to the Work of Leaders, effective leadership can be broken down into 3 phases: Vision, Alignment and Execution.  Each phase contains 6 best practices for a total of 18 best practices.  Everyone can work to improve their leadership skills – the Work of Leaders simplifies the “how to” so that you can focus your efforts and see immediate results.

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-Cyndi Goodjohn



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