What is the difference between DiSC and Myers-Briggs?

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Both the DiSC Profile and Myers Briggs are assessments which tell you more about your personality and behaviors tendencies and both are valuable learning tools.  When you’re trying to figure out which assessment is best for you – it’s important to get a clear idea of what you will be using the profile for.

People prefer using a DiSC Profile when:

  1. Your goal is to get people to work more effectively together.  DiSC is all about communication.
  2. Your training time is limited – DiSC is intuitive and useful; people can understand the concepts quickly and begin applying right away.
  3. You want follow-up tools/reports to ensure the training gets used.  Why pay for a tool that doesn’t wind up getting used in the end?  With DiSC, you will have unlimited use of Everything DiSC comparison reports – FREE!  This is a fantastic follow-up tool that makes training stick!
  4. You want rich narrative that speaks to the person.  Our reports are personalized – one of the most common things we hear when someone finishes reading the report is “it’s like they’re inside my head or have been spying on me for years”.
  5. You want a memorable tool that allows users to readily apply concepts.

Our DiSC assessment is available online, scoring is automated and results are immediate.  Our Everything DiSC platform offers applications for workplace, leadership, sales and management.

Sample online question:

Everything DiSC Sample Questions

A client, who has been using DiSC (and Myers Briggs) for 10 + year, explains the difference between DiSC and MBTI (Myers Briggs) “DiSC is a much simpler, universal language that has been successfully employed internationally. I believe its success is due largely to the fact that it is uncomplicated and easy to interpret, remember, and apply to individuals and teams.”  Training consultant, Minnesota 10-year facilitator of DiSC and MBTI.

Check out a research report on the difference between DiSC and Myers Briggs.



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