What is a DiSC Personality Test?

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Remember back to grade school when you spent hours upon hours studying for a test?  The night before the big test you’d hardly sleep worrying about how well you would do?  You would arrive early to class, bring along an extra pencil or three to make sure you were fully prepared?  Ok – maybe that was just me – I am an SC after all.

What is a DiSC Personality Test

A DiSC Personality test or assessment is not like the kind of test you used to take in school.  A DiSC test can not be prepared for, there is no pass or fail, there is no score that is better than the other.  Each completed assessment produces a DiSC Profile which shows you your unique behavioral style, your tendencies, fears, motivators, limitations, and strategies to improve communication with others.

When it comes to DiSC, there is no right, wrong, good or bad.  YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE!  Embrace it!  I teach this stuff, and yet I still find myself wishing I was “more of a D”.  If you ask my husband – I often act like a D.  So what’s happening there?  I’ve learned to adapt.  I’ve learned how to use my D characteristics when necessary (remember – we’re all a blend of all 4 styles).

What DiSC doesn’t tell you is what my values are or my intelligence level is. DiSC won’t tell you that I’ve traveled to Australia, backpacked for six months and worked on a banana farm.  DiSC won’t tell you that I have a handsome 17 month old son, a cute whoodle dog and an amazing, supportive husband.  DiSC doesn’t let you know that I have a passion for fitness, and that I am a bit of a wine snob and will only drink wines from the Naramata region.

Find out a bit more about yourself and take the DiSC Personality Test – you will be amazed at what you learn.

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