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I take all of the incoming inquiries.  One of the most popular questions that I get is “What does DiSC stand for?”  First of all, yes, DiSC is an acronym and each letter defines a personality style or quadrant.  This is what is called a “DiSC Map“:

DiSC Profile Map

D stands for Dominance.  People with this style are results oriented, like to challenge the status quo and take action.

“i” stands for Influence.  People with this style are enthusiastic.  They enjoy collaboration as well as taking action.

S stands for Steadiness.  People with an S style tend to support those around them.  They thrive on collaboration as well as a stable environment.

C stands for Contentiousness (I know, it’s a tough one, eh?).  I had to practice saying that one several times before facilitating my first DiSC workshop!  Anyways, the C style strives for accuracy.  Although the like a challenge, they appreciate the need for stability.


Now for the tricky part…  Depending on where your dot falls on the DiSC map, you may be a blend of multiple different styles.  In fact, everyone is a blend of all four styles.  Depending on where your dot falls, you will most certainly have a primary style (where you are most comfortable and the behaviors you typically default to).  Many of you will also have a secondary style.  Take me for example, I am an “SC”.  Primary S, Secondary C.


My profile:


My partner on the other hand is a ‘high D’.  You may hear this term used when someone’s dot is close to the outside edge of the circle.  When someone is “high”, it just means that their personality traits are more intense.  When I wrote this blog and typed ‘my partner’, I was referring to my business partner (and father!).  But come to think of it, I may as well have meant my husband!  He’s a high D too.  Now that’s an entirely different blog: Do opposite DiSC Profile Styles attract?  Did I try to marry someone just like my Dad?

My partner’s profile (you decided if this is my business partner or husbands profile – either way, you’re right!).



-Cyndi Goodjohn – cyndig@discprofilecanada.com


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