Using DiSC Effectively


To effectively use the personality assessment tool DiSC you need to understand that it is a tool for understanding yourself better, for understanding how to read people and determine their DiSC style and then adapting your style to meet the needs of the person you’re dealing with.

With DiSC, there is no right, wrong, good or bad style.  You are who you are – embrace your style and learn to adapt to others!  DiSC is not meant for labelling; it’s about understanding and improving communication with those that surround you!

In performing a DiSC workshop recently, we had a participant say “You mean I can’t hang a sign on my door and saying ‘WARNING – I AM A ‘D’, YOU MUST ADAPT TO ME UPON ENTERING’.  Although this is humorous and may sometimes seem like the answer, this is not what the DiSC tool is intended for.



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