The 5 Love Languages and DiSC


I recently read the book, The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman.  It’s a simple read that gets you thinking about yourself and the people you love.  It also gets you thinking about what you prioritize as a “love language” and how effective you are at recognizing others’ love languages.


As I was reading the book I saw many parallels to the DiSC concepts:.

ONE. Everyone has a primary and likely a secondary DiSC style; within each style your dot may be closer to the center or the outer edge of the DiSC map, which describes the intensity of the traits within your style.
We all have a primary and secondary love language, and within these languages, there are various dialects.

TWO. Without conscious effort, your default is to communicate with others in your own primary style which is not effective when that person does not share your style.
You typically love others the way you want to be loved, in your primary language.  If the person you are expressing love to does not prioritize the same love language, your efforts will be much less effective.

THREE. Once you understand your own DiSC profile, it is your job to “people read” the people you are communicating with and adapt your style to match theirs.
We need to love people in their primary language in order to keep their tank full.

To become an effective lover and communicator, the first step is getting to know yourself intimately.  Understand who you are, what you prioritize, and why.  Once you understand yourself, start people reading the people you interact with so that you can speak to them in their ‘language.’  Remember, the onus is on you to adapt your style to others.  Once you start doing this, you will be amazed at the results you will start achieving.

Take the first step to understanding yourself better and complete your DiSC profile.  Email for details.


-Cyndi Goodjohn

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