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There is so much out there in the world of Social Media; you could spend your entire day bouncing from one network to another.

You start your morning with a cup of coffee scanning through a bunch of tweets on your Smartphone to see if anything newsworthy jumps out at you, hoping for a great article to start your day.  From there you receive a notification that someone has ‘liked’ you in a photo or commented on something you liked the evening before, and before you know it you’ve spent the next 15 minutes perusing your Facebook newsfeed.  Next you open your computer to find an email letting you know that someone you’ve worked with in the past would like to connect with you.  You accept and spend the next 5 minutes reviewing their professional profile.  As you’re reviewing your former colleague’s LinkedIn profile, your brother sends you a message via Google Plus, and your attention is now diverted to this conversation.

How do you manage all of the social media outlets available?  Where do you spend your valuable time?  By understanding your DiSC profile, we can recommend the best social media network for your behavioural style.


Dominance| Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic network for those with a “D” style.  Twitter is fast-paced and to the point.  Twitter limits the number of characters that you can ‘tweet’, forcing the user to be bold and candid with their statements; which a “D” style will appreciate.

influence| Facebook

Those with an “i” style are typically the life of the party, they love to engage in conversations, interact with others and keep on top of the latest trends.  Facebook allows you to broadcast information about yourself (which you love to do!), and encourage people to interact with you.  You’ll find photos of yourself (which you love) as well as photos of your family and friends.  Facebook is a fun tool, which reignites with an “i” style.

strong | Google Plus

If you’re an “S” you thrive on personal relationships, but also tend to be a bit more reserved and cautious.  Google Plus is the network for you as it operates off a system of “circles”; meaning you can create ‘circles’ that are private and exclusive.  This allows you to communicate with others (which you love!), but ensures that you can maintain a sense of privacy within your circles.

Conscientriusness | LinkedIn


As a “C,” you require order, systems and logic.  LinkedIn is designed for a C; it keeps your personal life separate from business, there are rules regarding connecting with others and makes networking ‘online’  safe and structured.

My personal favourite tool is LinkedIn; which makes sense as my secondary style is “C”.  But I often find myself highly engaged in Facebook, which would be ‘opposite’ LinkedIn.  Remember – we all have characteristics of each style within us, some are just more dominant than others.  When I am enjoying some quiet “me” time at the end of my day, Facebook allows me to do this while drawing on my “i” characteristics.  Even I, with strong “C” characteristics, like to have a little fun and join in some online likes, comments, photos and pokes!


-Cyndi Goodjohn

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