Simple Rules to Improving Your Leadership Skills


Dave Kerpen, New York Times bestselling author of two books, Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business suggests that there are 11 Simple Concepts to Becoming a Better Leader. 

Leadership Triangle

These concepts tie nicely with Everything DiSC and the fantastic Inscape product Work of Leaders, focusing on Vision, Alignment and Execution (VAE).  Kerpen suggests, “Being likeable will help you in your job, business, relationships, and life.”  It’s easy to be likable when you are able to read people effectively and understand their DiSC profile. Once you understand their style, you can adapt your style to better communicate with them and voila, you’re already more likeable!  Refer to “Becoming an Effective Networker using DiSC” to learn how to effectively assess a person’s DiSC style.

Many of the 11 concepts Kerpen describes draw on different strengths associated with each DiSC style.  Simplicity will come naturally to the “D” (Dominance) style, whereas Listening will come more naturally to the “S” (Steadiness) style.  Storytelling is right up the “i” (Influence) style’s ally, whereas Transparency comes more easily to those with a “C” (Contentiousness) style.  This emphasizes that you don’t need to be a certain style to be a great leader.  It also suggests that you need to learn how to draw on skills from all quadrants in order to be great.  This means that there will always be areas that come more naturally to you, and areas that you need to continually work at.  The Work of Leaders suggests there are 18 best practices that create great leaders.  As you can probably guess, some of the best practices will come more naturally to you than others, depending on where your style falls on the DiSC map.


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