PRESS RELEASE: Author Julie Straw comes to Calgary to discuss her new book “The Work of Leaders”

For immediate release: 21 May 2013

Executive Briefing – Discover how Vision, Alignment, and Execution will change the way you lead!

Julie Straw, Vice President of Wiley and author of The Work of Leaders  will be in Calgary to inspire and energize you on the topic of Leadership.  This will take place on Tuesday June 25, 2013 at the The Calgary Petroleum Club, 319 – 5th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0L5.  The event starts at 7:30am with Hot Breakfast and will end at 9:45am.

By attending you will have the opportunity to meet author Julie Straw and receive a copy of this newly released book: The Work of Leaders.


Vision, Alignment, Execution – The VAE Model

The culmination of six years of research and development, The Work of Leaders presents a simple structure that neatly captures the complexity of contemporary leadership.

Leaders have three fundamental responsibilities: They craft a vision, they build alignment, and they champion execution.

  1. Crafting a Vision: imagining an improved future state that the group will make a reality through its work
  2. Building Alignment: getting to the point where everyone in the group understands and is committed to the vision
  3. Championing Execution: ensuring that the conditions are present for the imagined future to be turned into a reality

Of course, there’s a lot of skill that goes into each of these responsibilities. That is, in fact, what The Work of Leaders is all about. The model is broken down into three key things effective leaders do at each step, and describes specific behaviors for each.

To confirm your attendance at June 25ths event or to arrange an interview, please contact:


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