Get Started with today. This is a new follow-up tool designed to extend your DiSC training and learning beyond the typical classroom experience. is another way to extend learning beyond the classroom:

  • Makes DiSC a part of your company’s culture.
  • Maximizes the benefits of DiSC and your investment in DiSC training.
  • Helps team members use their DiSC training on a daily basis.

Here is a quick video to explain the power of this new website. It’s available NOW, for YOU, for your CLIENTS and anyone who has completed an Everything DiSC Profile.

Personalized website where each team member can:

  • Access their DiSC®reports.
  • Learn more about the history behind DiSC.
  • Invite co-workers in their organization to compare DiSC styles.

Dive even deeper into information about your DiSC style.

  • Understand your main contributions and challenge areas when working with others.
  • Have fun learning about famous characters who share your DiSC style.

Store Your Profiles in One Spot

  • Upload all of your DiSC reports and choose which ones you’d like to share with others.
  • If you have multiple reports, you can change the primary report anytime, based on who you are working with.

Learn More About DiSC

  • Understand the theory of DiSC complete with interactive audio guides.
  • Work with the DiSC map to learn what individuals with that style tend to prioritize.
  • Walk through a timeline of DiSC, exploring its creation and evolution.

Request Comparison Reports (from anyone who’s completed an Everything DiSC profile)

  • Invite other team members to create an Everything DiSC Comparison Report.
  • Receive and approve or deny invites from others on your team.
  • An “open universe” allowing learners to create Comparisons with coworkers, vendors, family, or friends—anyone currently using My Comparisons.

Customer Interaction Maps

  • Unique to Everything DiSC Sales assessment.
  • Help you understand how to best approach yourclients and effectively interact with them during the sales process.
  • Store and pull up your Maps anytime you reengage with a client to remind yourself how to best sell to that individual.

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