Is Great Customer Service a Lost Art?


“People are so unaccustomed to very good service that when they see it they are dazzled by it” says James Barksdale.  Isn’t this the sad truth?

Customer service is not just a set of actions, it is a process.  This process needs to be learned and rehearsed and ultimately become a part of your company’s culture and your employee’s behaviors in order to be effective and ‘dazzle’ your customers over and over again.

So what does it take to dazzle your customers?  First of all, it begins with attitude.  You need to have the right attitude when dealing with customers (internal or external).  Ensuring you have a positive attitude is more than just changing your thinking patterns, but it involves a process which changes your behavior.

Once you have a positive attitude, you need to understand yourself as well as understand the personality type of the customer you are dealing with – after all, everyone is unique and therefore may require situations be handled by you differently.  Using a DiSC profile is a fantastic way to understand yourself better; you can then apply this knowledge and people read the personality types of others.

From there it is important to polish your listening and questioning skills.  And, let’s not forget that telephone and email etiquette play an important role in providing great customer service.  Our highly interactive course SWOC (Succeeding With Our Customers) provides step-by-step details on improving these skills.

At the end of the day, your goal is to HELP your customers in a way that makes them feel special.


Learn more about SWOC (Succeeding With Our Customers) and contact or 403-248-4599.

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