Your DiSC Style on Post Holiday Blues


Post Holiday Blue’s – Back to the Grind

So, you had a nice holiday, you visited with friends and family and probably ate and drank too much.  Now you’re back at work and your dress clothes are feeling a little bit snugger after a holiday spent in sweat pants and pajamas… so goes the story of the post holiday blues

How will you get back in the groove for 2014?

Depending on your DiSC style, you will approach getting ‘back into the swing of things’ differently

Your D (Dominance) style is excited about the New Year – a fresh start.  You will likely begin the year by setting goals, thinking big and dreaming about the possibilities of the year to come. 

Your ‘i’ (influence) style spends a majority of the first week catching up with colleagues and swapping stories about their holidays. 

Your S (Steadiness) style will enjoy the comfort of getting back into their Monday – Friday routine. 

Your C (Contentiousness) style will get on the scale to find out exactly how much holiday weight they have to lose, and then begin their work week by managing their time effectively, preparing a schedule, setting their to do lists – eager to start crossing things off.


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