Getting to Know the S (Steadiness) Style – Mini Series 3 of 4


Let’s take a look inside the mind of an S style.


Hello – my name is Shyloh.  Over the years many people have nicknamed me “Shy” – I guess my personality influenced this and people naturally gravitated to calling me this.  To be honest, I don’t love it and prefer when people use my full name Shyloh – I can be very outgoing once you get to know me!

I am a great listener and team player – I love getting everyone involved when working on a task.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and you can often tell what I feel about a situation by my emotions, and the expression on my face.  I often make decisions based on how I feel, rather than logic.  In fact, you’ll often hear me say “I feel like that would be a good decision.”  I put the needs of others before mine – it makes me feel good.

People often think of me as a “people pleaser” and my husband wishes that I would be more open with my opinions and stand my ground when conflict arises, rather than seeking to maintain stability and smooth over the situation. Although I am extremely patient and understanding and genuinely appreciate other’s input, I find it frustrating when decisions are made that cause my world to become unstable and unpredictable.  If I take a methodical approach to making a decision and understand the outcomes, I feel much better about moving forward.


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