Getting to Know the I (Influence) Style – Mini Series 2 of 4

Let’s take a look inside the mind of a “I” style.

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Hello – my name is Joyce, but most people call me Joy.

People tend to say that I am the life of the party!  I never pass up an opportunity to socialize with others, although one of my biggest fears is social rejection.  Because of this fear I work hard to be enthusiastic and charm the people I’m engaging with; I want people to have a positive impression of me.  One of the most important things to me is the relationships I have with others – and this applies in business and in my personal life.  If we don’t have good relationships with others, then what is the point of everything?

Even though I fear disapproval, I often find that people see me as disorganized.  This is frustrating as I like to see it as ‘organized chaos.’  When I have an idea, I get extremely passionate and excited about it, which tends to lead to impulsive behavior that inevitably turns into another idea that I had, was excited about, but never followed-through on.

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