Getting to Know the D (Dominance) Style – Mini Series 1 of 4


Let’s take a look inside the mind of a D style.

Dominance DiSC Map

Hello – my name is Richard, some people call me Dick (if the shoe fits!), but I prefer Rich.

I am action orientated with a drive for results.   I know what I want and I’m not afraid to let everyone know!  I like to cut to the chase and prefer not to get caught up in all small talk.  If someone is not performing or behaving the way I expect them to, I am going to have a conversation with them about what my expectations are.  People see me as a no nonsense, driven kind of guy.

I tend to think big and am excited about taking risks – if a project appears challenging, I will be the one to take the reins and get the wheels in motion.  I like to see things happen immediately.  I’m motivated by being successful, and trust me I have quite a few successes under my belt!

My wife thinks I don’t listen very well and that at times I don’t understand her feelings.  I do hear her and understand her feelings, I just often don’t agree with her emotional decision making process and I don’t need to listen to her entire explanation when I know where she is going with it after the first few sentences.


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