Getting to Know the C (Conscientiousness) Style – Mini Series 4 of 4

Let’s take a look inside the mind of a C style.


Hello – my name is Analyssa. In school people teased me for being “anal” and it didn’t help with my name being Analyssa, but over the years I’ve learned to embrace my strong analytical skills and I’m quite proud of who I am.  I’d rather be teased for being analytical, then make a decision that I later regret because I missed some of the details!

People tend to think that I’m slow to make decisions, and perhaps a bit too cautious.  But when there is a project that requires attention to detail, precision and accuracy – I feel pride in the fact that I am always the first person people think of to manage it!  I enjoy taking my time and really sinking my teeth into things, so that I can be sure that I maintain quality and accuracy with analysis.  Plus, I want to ensure I don’t miss any of the details – I have a fear of being criticized for my work, so I do my best to make sure all my ducks are in a row.  Often I find myself going over details several times, finding it difficult to take quick action.

Like my “S” friends, I too find it frustrating when decisions are made that cause my world to become unstable and unpredictable.  If we take a methodical approach to making a decision and understand the outcomes, I feel much better about moving forward.


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