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Everything DiSC is an engaging and comprehensive workplace personality assessment program that helps you to build productive and positive workplace skills based on your specific habits, strengths and weakness as an employee.

Everything DiSC Sales is our workplace assessment and skill development program that is tailored-made for people working within the sales industry. Unlike our other programs, Everything DiSC Sales focuses on the DiSC profile of both sales people and their customers. This extra insight gives sales people the knowledge they need to better assist their clients, creating a better business for everyone involved. Here is some more information about how Everything DiSC Sales can work to bring sales people and their customers closer together.

Customer DiSC Profiles

In the same way that each sales person has their own DiSC profile that details all of their habits, strengths and weakness as an employee, every customer also has their own unique DiSC profile. DiSC profiles are separated into four broad categories. Nobody is exclusively tied to a specific DiSC style—everyone has a little of every DiSC style, and the attributes of different styles may be highlighted under certain circumstances. However, these four profiles can be used as a general framework to better understand your customers, their motivations and behaviors. The four DiSC customer profiles are:

D Style: D style customers are fast-paced and skeptical. These customers aren’t afraid to express their opinions and may be assertive in their wants and needs.

i Style: i style customers and fast-paced and warm. They may be talkative, expressive, energetic, and looking to build a rapport with sales people before buying.

S Style: S style customers are warm and cautious. These customers are friendly and agreeable but may be more reluctant to move towards a sale.

C Style: C Style customers are skeptical and cautious. These customers are the ones who want to make an informed decision before committing to a sale, and may feel mistrustful of overly-friendly sales people.

The key to being a successful sales person is to really know your customers. Everything DiSC Sales gives you the tools and insight you need to develop your sales skills and build a long-lasting rapport with your customers. For more information about all of the workshops and skill-building programs we have available, contact us today.

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