Hire a Certified DiSC Facilitator

The Right Facilitator Can Make All the Difference.


There are many reasons why some organizations choose to hire a facilitator rather than facilitating themselves.  Although it is possible for a respondent to understand his or her profile without the assistance of a training professional, experience suggests that the instrument is far more engaging and impactful if the respondent has the insight and support of such a professional.

DiSC is our passion. We live and breath DiSC, all day, every day.  And our facilitators are phenomenal at what they do.

We see your organization through a new lens. It’s hard to see your own organization objectively, so we’re here to do that for you.  We can hone in on opportunities and solicit action.

Our workshop will neutral and impartial. Hiring a certified facilitator will encourage participant buy-in.  You may also discover that employees feel valued, receiving education from a DiSC expert.

We ask the tough questions. Years of experience as facilitators, we have the tool kit to be bold.  Our facilitators will ensure that the difficult questions are asked with the goal of building stronger relationships and better communicators by confronting issues.

We will connect you directly with one of our certified facilitators to begin the conversation and develop a program that suits your needs.

Contact info@discprofilecanada.com or 1-855-344-DISC (3472)


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