Everything DiSC Workplace

Perfect assessment for everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to build more effective relationships—one relationship at a time—and improve the quality of the workplace.


The 20-page personalized profile explores the priorities that drive learners at work.
Participants understand their DiSC style and how to increase their effectiveness with all four DiSC styles. The profile includes an in-depth, personalized style index—an at-a-glance overview of the other styles and how the individual interacts with them.

Profile Outline

  • Overview, Your DiSC Style, Your DiSC Priorities and Shading
  • Your Motivators and Stressors
  • Overview of the DiSC Styles
  • Understanding How YOU React to each DiSC Style
  • Strategies to Increase your Effectiveness with each DiSC Style
  • Increasing your Workplace Effectiveness
  • Personalized Style Index

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Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
Everything DiSC Workplace Profile (French)
Everything DiSC Workplace Supplement for Facilitators Report
Everything DiSC Facilitator Report
Everything DiSC Group Report
Everything DiSC Comparison Report
Everything DiSC Team View Report




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“What I love about the Everything DiSC Workplace program is that participants immediately get engaged with their DiSC style—and the profile is spot on!”

– President, Training Consulting Firm

“The new Everything DiSC Comparison Reports will make it much easier to keep conversations going after the initial training. It’s a real breakthrough, particularly for working with teams.”

—International Leadership Training Consultant

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