Everything DiSC Workplace: Our Best Seller

Everything DiSC Workplace: Our Best Seller

The Everything DiSC Workplace profile is, without question, our bestselling DiSC tool.  The Everything DiSC family of assessments has been on the market for 7 years and has been widely received by thousands of organizations around the world.

A few leading organizations that use the Everything DiSC tool are: Honda, Agrium, Brookfield Homes, Trican Well Service, Ferus, Norwood Waterwoods, CREB, Karoleena Homes, FRHI Hotels, Moxies, Secure Energy Services, EMCO Waterworks, and PlanIT Builders.  As you can see the product is applicable across a range of industries from Oil and Gas, to Service Companies, to Real Estate, to Home Builders, to Renovators, to Hospitality, to Transportation and Automotive.   And trust me, I’m just getting started, this is just a small list of organizations that we work with.

So what is DiSC, and what’s this Workplace profile all about?  DiSC is a personality assessment that measures behavioural tendencies.  Your DiSC style will tell you what you prioritize and preference.  What motivates you, and what stresses you.  DiSC is the number one personality assessment tool used at work, within organizations.  Why?  Because our tool takes your behavioral style and applies it to improving relationships and communication, management skills, leadership skills and sales skills.  It takes the guess work out of how to apply principles in your job, right away.  The profiles are written in an engaging, easy to interpret way.  It’s also memorable, so the DiSC language can be used amongst co-workers immediately.

Our Everything DiSC Workplace profile aims to build more effective working relationships with three goals:  1) To understand yourself better;  2) To recognize different priorities of other people; and 3) To adapt for better communication.  Regardless of title or role, Everything DiSC Workplace can be used by everyone within an organization.  The goal is to improve engagement in the workplace.

Get started with DiSC today! info@discprofilecanada.com or 1-855-344-DiSC (3472)


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