Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification


Do you want to learn to how to facilitate DiSC workshops at your workplace? Strengthen communication, presentation skills, time mastery and more with professional certification like the Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification. This course is administered remotely so you can complete 3-5 hours of self-directed learning at work or from home at any time you please.

Benefits of the course

Training to facilitate DiSC workshops gives the facilitator a deeper understanding of the mechanics of DiSC and the extensive research that has gone into it. While certification is not mandatory, it does prepare the facilitator to be confident, knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to conducting workshops in the workplace. This is because the course exposes the facilitator to the various tools and strategies that make up Everything DiSC products. The course has been designed to act as an interactive, guided manual, a rich resource you can always come back to when you need to refer to it.

With the Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification you will…

  • Learn how to apply DiSC concepts and theories to real-world scenarios
  • Gain in-depth knowledge, expertise and resources to excel at conducting effective Everything DiSC workshops
  • Learn to identify the needs of your organization
  • Take part in a fun and engaging training experience
  • Receive professional certification


The course has a number of features that makes the learning experience favourable.

They include:

  • Four coherent modules that feature explorative, collaborative and active learning
  • Materials like the Everything DiSC workplace facilitation kit
  • Live facilitated sessions and breakout sessions
  • Access to professional trainers who will guide you throughout your learning process

These four modules are to be completed over a four-week period and the course ends with a final exam. Course work can be completed remotely, allowing you to complete the coursework around your schedule. Each week, a mandatory live session is scheduled.  

Are you interested in becoming professionally certified with DiSC? Get in touch with us today for any questions and inquiries!

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