Everything DiSC Work of Leaders: Crafting a Vision

Work of Leaders

Our Everything DiSC Work of Leaders program uses a “one to many” approach when it comes to leadership, this is one of the ways that Work of Leaders differentiates itself from our other tools.  You may recall that Everything DiSC Management explores a one to one relationship when it comes to managing.  Another differentiating point is the leadership best practices that the work of leaders tool produces.  These (18) best practices were developed over a four year period with input from over 300 subjects and 150 organizations — the result is 18 measurable behavioral continua that will help YOU lead better.

Of these 18 best practices, 6 of the behavioral continue will fall within the first phase of the model, Crafting a Vision.  What are these 6 best practices?  Remaining open, prioritizing the big picture, being adventurous, speaking out, seeking council and exploring implications.  Can you be good at all 6?  Yes!  Could you be better?  Probably.  Does your DiSC style determine how you score at these best practices?  No.  Does it influence it though?  Of course.


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