Everything DiSC Sales: Understanding How to Sell to Different DiSC Styles

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When you complete your online Everything DiSC Sales assessment you will be provided with a wealth of information that will guide you in selling to a specific person, and closing more deals.  Often salespeople use the same techniques no matter who they’re selling to.  Intuitively we know that’s probably not the most effective strategy – but what can be done to change your technique from prospect to prospect?  Understanding your prospect’s DiSC style is key to personalizing the selling process!  Not only will this foster better communication and an enhanced relationship with your client or prospect, but you will also be able to hone in on what drives and motivates them to make a purchase!

Your Everything DiSC Sales Profile will show you your sales Strengths and Challenges.  You will also learn how to recognize each of the buying preferences of the different, styles and most importantly, how to adapt your selling techniques for the various DiSC styles.  Here is a sample which shows you what drives a D style to make a purchase.

D’s prioritize results: They want to know the direct effect that a product or service will have on their business.  They will look for immediate developments and a quick, straightforward return on their investments.

Understanding What Drives D Customers

Learn how to adapt your selling style to meet the needs of your buyer.  Contact us at 1-855-344-3472 or info@discprofilecanada.com to complete your online Everything DiSC Sales assessment.


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