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Do you want to close more sales?  Everything DiSC Sales Profile will teach you how. Consider this:  Sales is all about relationships –> Building relationships is about communication –> Communication is all about understanding various personality and behavioural styles, and adapting your style to meet the needs of the person you’re communicating with.

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile will not only help you discover who you are, what your personal style and preferences are – but it will teach you how to speak your customers language.  DiSC is your personal decoder that will change the way you prepare for a sales call and interact with a potential buyer.

Sales guru, Jeffery Gitomer has a few tips that relate to this when it comes to sales:

  • Your customer is your real boss – act accordingly
  • Tailor your offer to their exact needs
  • Speak their page, stay on their page, show them their page

Here is a simple example, someone with a D Style likes to see results, prioritizes the big picture and doesn’t want to get bogged down in all the detail.  If your default approach to sales is to send a copy and pasted email with all of the specs and line items, you’re probably not going to be very intriguing to a D style.  Pay attention to your buyers preferred communication style and you can package the same information in a way that will excite them!

What you get with your Everything DiSC Sales profile

  • A breakdown of what sales strengths and challenges

Here is a sample:

Everything DiSC Sales - Strengths & Challenges

  • How to recognize the buying styles of your customers
  • Understanding what your customer prioritizes, and what they expect from you as a sales person
  • A personalized approach about how YOU should adapt your style when selling to different customers

View a full Everything DiSC Sales Sample Report.

Contact us for more information: 1-855-344-DiSC (3472) or info@discprofilecanada.com


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