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Want to find a way to connect better with your clients and potential customers?  We have a simple solution – the Everything DiSC Sales Profile.  This profile teaches you how to understand yourself better, what you prioritize and preference; but then you will learn how to read your customers and adapt your communication style to meet the needs of their buying style!  Sales are all about relationships; relationships are all about communication.  DiSC is the perfect tool to enhance your selling skills and bridge the gap between sales and communication!

The 23 page profile outlines behaviors that will help you identify what type of personality you’re dealing with, which will allow you to tweak your sales pitch and get the buy-in you’re hoping for from your customer.

Also, with your Everything DiSC Sales profile, you also get unlimited access to “customer interaction maps!”  In using this bonus tool, you will answer a few questions online about your customer and our system will produce a personalized cheat sheet showing you where you fall on the DiSC Map, and where your customer falls; along with strategies for interacting.  This will change the way you prepare for a sales call!

Sample Customer Interaction Map:

Everything DiSC Sales, Everything You Need to Know

Contact info@discprofilecanada.com for more information or call 1-866-344-DiSC (3472).

Price for an individual Everything DiSC Sales Profile starts at $93.75 per profile, with volume discounts available.

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