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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could manage all of our employees the same way?  That would certainly would be easier.  Or would it?

Research shows that most managers actually do manage their employees by treating everyone the same way.  Maybe it doesn’t sound all that terrible on the surface, but let’s think about that.  Every person you manage is unique and has their own priorities and preferences.  If you blanket manage your employees (likely catering to your own styles and tendencies), this is going to work well for some, but awful for others.  Everything DiSC Management teaches you how to understand your own style first, and then apply the principles to managing your employees according to their DiSC style.  Small adjustments and tweaks to the way you manage can greatly improve communication and ultimately results (not to mention job happiness).

The Everything DiSC Management profile is a roadmap for improving your managerial skills when it comes to directing, delegating, motivating and developing your employees.

As a manager, you probably have your own boss too, right?  This profile is going to give you some skills to help communicate better with your superior as well.  We call this “managing up.”

Spend an afternoon getting to know your employees, it’s a small investment, but can change the way you manage, and the results you get.  A useful tool that we recommend is having your team represented on this complimentary group poster.


Get started now and contact us at 1-855-344-DISC (3472) or info@discprofilecanada.com

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