Everything DiSC Management: Motivating Your Employees

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Everything DiSC Management - Motivating Your Employees

Do you manage a group of people?  Do you tend to manage everyone the same way?  Is it working for you?  In some cases, you may get lucky, if the group of people you’re managing have similar DiSC styles, you may be able to use the same techniques across the board.  But in most cases, you’re a manager of a group of people with a wide range of DiSC Styles, which means a wide range of personalities that YOU as a manager should recognize and alter your management style.  Management is a one-on-one relationship with each person that you manage.  


So, you want to learn the secret to motivating your employees?  I wish I had a magical technique that would work for everyone.  But it’s not THAT simple, but it is simple enough:  you can’t motivate your employees, they need to motivate themselves.  What you can do is create an environment that will allow people to find their own natural motivation.  How do you do this?  Build an atmosphere that addresses basic preferences (the Everything DiSC Management profile goes into great detail on this for each style).


Here is a snapshot to get you started:

  • Motivating a D: Let them control their work environment as much as possible.
  • Demotivate a D: Routine, tight supervision
  • Motivating an i: Give them opportunities to be in the limelight
  • Demotivate an i: being isolated from others, letting their contributions go unrecognized
  • Motivating an S: Encourage collaboration, but don’t force them to be more social than they’d like. Plan ahead and give warning when changes are coming.
  • Demotivate an S: Force them to make a quick decision in a chaotic environment.
  • Motivating a C: Explain the purpose of a task logically, rather than enthusiastically.
  • Demotivate a C: Require them to work collaboratively.  Tell them they’re wrong.


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