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So you’re a manager and you want to improve your skills and flexibility?  This is the DiSC profile for you!

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There are several applications for this profile, but typically it is used for managerial/supervisory training, with a focus on directing and delegating, motivation, development, and influencing the boss. It is also a great tool for coaching and leadership development.

With the Everything DiSC Management profile you will learn about your DiSC Style, and how that plays out when you’re doing the above management activities.  Not only will you learn what your priorities and preferences are, but you will learn how to more effectively adapt your style when managing others.  Suddenly managing, motivating and delegating will become a whole lot easier.  As a manager, you also need to know how to work more effectively with your own managers (we call this “managing up”), you’ll also get some insight into how to make this relationship work more effectively as well!

Download a sample report of the Everything DiSC Management Profile here.

If you’re confused about whether you should be using the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile or the Everything DiSC Management profile, think of it this way: Leaders have people who follow them; Managers have people who work for them.  Often someone will wear both hats – and will need to be great at wearing both hats!  Leadership is about getting people to understand and believe in your vision, getting alignment amongst the team and championing the execution of that vision.  Management on the other hand, is a one-on-one relationship with every individual that you manage.  Management is more about administering the day-to-day activities and ensuring things happen as they should.   Great managers are people focused – they look after their employees, their needs and they listen to them.  Great managers are strong at delegation, motivation and development of their employees. 

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Price for an individual Everything DiSC Management Profile starts at $93.75 per profile, with volume discounts available.


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