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If you’re already a fan of DiSC profiles as a tool for understanding yourself and those that surround you – then Everything DiSC Comparison Reports will be a supplemental tool that will bring DiSC to a new level for you.

Everything DiSC Comparison Reports compare the DiSC styles of two people, the report then highlights their differences and similarities, and provide tips for working more effectively with each other. Our recommendation is that once a comparison report is produced a conversation between the 2 people must be held to discuss their similarities and differences, and come up with action plans to improve communication.

We have found comparison reports to be extremely valuable.  This tool can be used in conflict resolution – often people struggle to see “eye to eye,”  This tool helps get everyone on the same page, quicker.  Further, the tool allows everyone to clearly see and understand that there are differences and similarities within every unique relationship.  You will find that one report comparing a D to and S and another report comparing a D to an S may produce different results depending on where each dot falls on the DiSC map, and how intense each person’s personal profile is.  Completing a comparison report allows 2 people to have a conversation in a comfortable, encouraging and non-threatening atmosphere.

Does this tool sound like it could help you or your organization?  Contact info@discprofilecanada.com for more information.

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