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This is a new spin on the standard 360 that you’re probably used to – which is why we call it a 363.  It works like a normal 360; but we combines it with the power of Everything DiSC!  PLUS, you get 3 strategies for improving leadership effectiveness (hence 363!).

What’s the result?  A simple experience that is more productive and satisfying.

So why use a 363?

Our 363 takes the sting out of getting traditional 360 feedback.

Traditional 360s can be frustrating to work with.  The open ended questions cause people to focus on “he said, she said” rather than the content.  Typically open ended comments are unfocused and prove to be useless.  The learning process gets off course when people can’t focus on the issues.

Our 363 utilizes a program called “CommentSmart” which allows raters to give focused, constructive feedback.  Viola – the leader can now focus on the content rather than get distracted by who said what.

Our 363 also focuses on 24 best practices, based on well-grounded research.  This takes the guesswork out of what should be measured.

It’s simple and easy to understand.

Our 22 page report is intuitive and designed in a way that is simple to comprehend using clear visuals and conversational narrative.  You’re not going to get bored wading through dry spreadsheets and charts without explanation.  And remember – you get those three strategies for improving effectiveness, complete with tips on how to improve!

We give you something tangible to work with.

Most people go through the draining (and often humiliating) process of completing a 360 and then are faced with the challenge of “now what”?  Using our 363 gives leaders their next steps.  Three things you can start doing now to improve your leadership effectiveness. Bam!  You’re off and running.

Sound like a plan?  Let’s chat!

Contact info@discprofilecanada.com for more information or call 1-866-344-DiSC (3472).

Price for an individual Everything DiSC Management Profile starts at $187.50 per profile, with volume discounts available.

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Here is a sample report:

Everyting DiSC 363 For Leaders


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