EPIC Administration Account

For organizations that use DiSC regularly, in higher volume (more than 30 to start) or simply want more personalization and control.

EPIC is a do-it-yourself service for delivering online access codes to test respondents. This online system provides you with maximum independence and control. It archives all individual and group reports in your private online account.

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Why Set-up Your Own Administration Account

1. Control and flexibility

  • You can decide who can review reports once and assessment is completed.  Purchasing profiles without an account means that your respondent will always be able to view/print/save their report upon completion.
  • Your account will store all your profiles online, in one secure spot, with unlimited storage.
    • You can create folders within your account to keep yourself organized by: division, department, training date or however you see feit
  • You have the ability to instantly generate Individual Profiles, Group Reports and Comparison Reports

2. Branding & Personalization

  • Add your logo and company information to each report cover as well as the assessment entry page.
  • Add personalized comments to email when sending out access codes.
  • Assessments are seamless from you to your employees or clients.

3. Enhanced Report Options

  • Free Comparison Reports for use with manager and direct reports, managers of different departments, co-workers, couples, managing partners, etc. (Everything DiSC products only).  Note: when purchasing profiles without an account, these reports are only available via MyEverythingDiSC.com.
  • Free Team View reports can be generated from EPIC.  Note: when purchasing profiles without an account, this report is only available upon request.

Everything DiSC Comparison Report
Everything DiSC Team View Report

 4. MyEverythingDiSC.com

A follow-up website your employees or clients can use to deepen their engagement and understanding with DiSC. Within the portal they will have access to additional information about DiSC styles, strategies for working with others, and even generate Comparison Reports (My 1:1 Comparisons). They will be able to Invite others to compare DiSC styles—and accept invitations to compare from others.

EPIC administrators can turn on access to all or part of MyEverythingDiSC.com before the participant takes the assessment or as a follow-up to a classroom training.

MyEverything DiSC

Please note that MyEverythingDiSC.com is in beta, and there will likely be additional changes made to the site as the publisher obtains user feedback.

5. Accounts

  • No fees, renewals, or minimums.
  • Credits purchased will never expire.

How does the EPIC Administrator Account Work?

EPIC works through the purchase of credits you use for assigning tests and reports.

To understand the EPIC credit system, think about ride tickets at an amusement park. You purchase tickets to be used for any combination of rides. Some rides may cost two tickets, some three, some five. The EPIC system works in much the same way. Each profile has a credit value. You purchase the number of credits you need for the profiles you plan to use.

Credits never expire. If you order a few more than necessary for your current need those extra credits can be used for profiles for a later program or a new hire.


Take an EPIC Tour

Go to the EPIC Admin Login Site
User ID: EPIC_Demo
Password: disc1234!

Get started with EPIC

Buy an EPIC Quick Start package including account setup (500 credits and account set-up fee) – $2200 + tax
Review the EPIC Quick Start Guide