Enriching Sales Training using DiSC® and Everything DiSC®

Enriching Sales Training using DiSC® and Everything DiSC®


  • Privately-owned supplier of specialty chemicals to the oil and gas industry
  • Division of a U.S.-based parent company with locations across Canada
  • Over 2,000 employees worldwide

Products Used

  • DiSC® PPSS with sales supplemental reports
  • Everything DiSC® Sales
  • Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps


The company had been providing basic sales training to sales staff for 10 years with some noted success. The problem was in creating examples of sales situations that their people could relate to.


In 2005, sales training was revised to include DiSC. At first, we used the DiSC PPSS with the sales supplemental reports, and the response was positive. When Everything DiSC Sales was released in 2008, we finally had access to a sales-specific DiSC program—and it had video with real-life sales scenarios! We decided to give it a try. We used Everything DiSC Sales as part of our three-day sales training program. Since we switched from DiSC PPSS to Everything DiSC Sales, the positive feedback from staff has been even stronger.


Out of everything covered in the three-day sales training program, the feedback on Everything DiSC Sales is always the strongest. Participants recognize it as something they can apply right away, both with their customers and their co-workers. The video is always a big hit; people see themselves and past mistakes they’ve made by not adapting their behaviors. The free follow-up reports, Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps, have also been well received. We continue to look for new ways to encourage salespeople to use these free maps on an ongoing basis.

We’ve focused on making sure area managers see the value of the Everything DiSC Customer Interaction Maps so they will influence their sales team to use them.

My client has long known that selling is all about relationships: understanding the customer’s priorities and communicating in a way that fits the customer’s needs. Everything DiSC Sales has given them a way to recognize others’ behavior and adapt their sales pitch to fit that customer.

One salesperson commented, “I have been using DiSC to read my customers and adapt to their style of doing business. My customers and I seem to feel more comfortable during our meetings.” My client’s sales team has found the training useful when dealing with coworkers. “My coworker and I realized that DiSC helps us work through issues easier because we understand where the other is coming from. We have ‘sold’ each other on ideas and opinions much more effectively due to what we learned from the course!”

Ultimately, though, in sales it’s always about the bottom line. As one recent participant commented, “Using DiSC to people-read my customer is not only enjoyable, but profitable.”




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