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disc-profile-2Every employee is motivated by different things in the workplace, but many people don’t know what the sources of their motivations are. Without this knowledge, it can be difficult for team members to understand how to best contribute to their work environment.

That’s where Everything DiSC Workplace comes in: this innovative and engaging program uses a detailed personal assessment to identify your personal style in the workplace. With this customized profile, team members can begin to understand their priorities and develop strategies to maximize their productivity and success in the workplace. Here are just a few examples of possible workplace priorities:

Collaboration—People who value collaboration find stimulation and motivation from working as a team. These people prefer working in groups as opposed to working independently, and their group-focused nature makes them very adept at bringing people together to work towards a common goal.

Action—People who value action take pride in getting things done. These people value quick, immediate action rather than endless deliberation and second-guessing. People who value action are often very adaptable and good at revising strategies on the fly, which makes them important team members in the face of rapidly changing demands or circumstances.

Accuracy—People who value accuracy aren’t simply satisfied with a completed task—they are more concerned that the task is completed correctly. People who value accuracy are great at generating action plans that are detailed and thorough rather than vague. Their attention to detail is a valuable asset to any team.

These are just three of the 8 priorities that one can have in the workplace. Most people have more than one priority—they often have several overlapping priorities and motivations that guide them through their daily workplace operations.

By becoming aware of these priorities, employee can begin to understand how they can best contribute to the workplace. Everything DiSC Workplace can help employees identify their specific priorities and how they can benefit their team. For more information about Everything DiSC Workplace and the other training programs available from DISC Profile Canada, contact us today.

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