Does your DiSC Profile impact your parenting style?


Being a new Mom, I’ve had to learn how to balance my career and family (not to mention all of the other challenges life brings!). I’ve found that the only way to get everything (or most things!) that I’d like to get accomplished in a day is to make a to-do list, prioritize it and follow it. Typically I create my to-do list the evening before, and along with prioritizing each item, I also estimate times for each task. Showering even makes it onto the list, although it doesn’t rank #1, it’s on the list (it always feels so good to check things off your list!).

I’ve found that I rely heavily on my C characteristics when going about my day. I like to systematically plan and schedule out my day, so that I’m sure that I can fit everything in and not overlook any major items that need to get done. I like to know how I’m going to get from A to B, I like to have a plan and follow it. My now 4 month old is fairly scheduled – he naps every 2 hours, he eats every 3 hours. He goes to bed and rises at the same time everyday. Is this my newborns nature? Or does my C style parenting make for a well timed baby? I believe the latter plays a fairly important role.

My husband (primary D style) rolls his head at my daily rituals and schedules. He thinks big picture – feed the baby when he’s hungry and get at least one thing you want done, done. My husband encourages me not to worry about when and how you’re going to get things done, just do them!

Which style is better? Neither! There is no right, wrong, good or bad DiSC profile, and thus, no right, wrong, good or bad parenting style. You have to do what works for you as a parent, and adapt to different situations. When my husband comes home in the evening, I often let him play with our baby (even if it’s interrupting my schedule). At the same time, he respects my task lists, schedules and organization and when I leave him to care for our baby, he follows my schedule. We understand each others styles, and we make it work together.

Understanding our DiSC styles has made us better parents.


-Cyndi Goodjohn



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