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Not only is a DiSC Profile a great stand-alone tool, but it can also be paired with a fantastic workshop! The length of a DiSC workshop can range from 3 hours to full day.

Training workshops can be used as a way for you to get a team of people together which have the added bonus of “team building” as well as individual personal development for each employee. But they can also be run internally as public sessions that anyone can attend, you don’t need the session to consist of a team of people in order for people to walk away with a bunch of valuable skills.

When it comes to running DiSC Workshops, you can hire DiSC Profile Canada to facilitate the session. Or, you can purchase a facilitation kit and run the sessions internally on your own. Each facilitation kit comes equipped with PowerPoint presentations, videos, facilitator script and handout to get you up and running without all of the grunt work. Certification is an option for those who want to facilitate in house, but if you’re familiar with DiSC and you are comfortable facilitating, the kit alone will allow you to easily run your own session.

Within the Everything DiSC family there are 4 key programs that can be run as workshops, each of these programs is designed around a related Everything DiSC Profile.

Everything DiSC Workplace: I describe this workshop as “anyone working with everyone”. This session is all about communication. During the workshop you will learn all about yourself, and how you can adapt your communication style to improve communication with those that surround you.

Typical workshop length: Half Day (3-4 hours)

Everything DiSC Management: This is designed for managers to develop skills when dealing with a one-on-one relationship and the people they manage. The DiSC profile is designed to teach you how to enhance your skills when it comes to managing his or her employees. Specifically, it digs into directing and delegating, motivating and inspiring, developing others and managing up.

Typical workshop length: Full Day (6-7 hours)

Everything DiSC Sales: This workshop teaches people how to connect better with their customers and prospects. If you can develop your communication skills to adapt your style to those you’re selling to, you will close more sales!

Typical workshop length: Full Day (6-7 hours)

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders: This workshop approaches leadership from a “one to many” perspective. Leaders are at all levels within the organization, so this program is for everyone. Within this workshop participants will understand not only their DiSC style, but they will get insight into how they score when it comes to leadership best practices.

Typical workshop length: Full Day (8 hours)


Contact us to learn more about DiSC Workshops: 1-855-344-DiSC (3472) or info@discprofilecanada.com.


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