DiSC Profile Types

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There are 4 primary DiSC styles.  Can  you guess what they each start with?  Yes! D-i-S-C.  I’ll break them down in a very basic way.

DiSC Profile Types

D: Dominance.  

I am action oriented, fast paced and driven by results.  I’m confident and decisive.  

If you’re talking to me, make sure you get to the point.


i: Influence.

I am the happiest when I’m engaging in conversation with someone.  I love meeting new people and building relationship.  I am fun and energetic!  I may look like I am a disorganized, impulsive mess, but I know exactly where everything is.


S: Steadiness.

I’m very dependable.  I enjoy working as a team, and the cooperation that comes from this.  I’m loyal and always ready to listen.  I guess I am a bit of a people pleaser, but I can’t help but put other people’s needs first.  And when I see someone making a mistake, my instincts tell me to be patient.


C: Conscientiousness

I require accuracy and detail.  I need time to sink my teeth into all of the facts.  My precision makes me come across as a bit boring.  


Although we are all a blend of all 4 styles, we will all have 1 primary style that is most natural for us. Some of us have both a primary and secondary style.  And now, with adaptive testing, about 30% of us will have a primary and secondary style along with some extra shading which tells us that we have some unexpected characteristics that show up often enough, that some extra shading in that quadrant is applied.

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