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All of our DiSC Profiles are available in PDF.  Even the long standing paper version ‘DiSC Classic’ is now available online and your profile is generated in PDF.  

DiSC Profile PDF What does this mean?  It means that each of our assessments are completed online, the image is a sample question from the workplace assessment.  Respondents either click a link that was sent to them via email, or respondants go to a website and enter an access code provided to them.  From there, a series of questions are answered (typically taking about 15 minutes of uninterrupted time) to complete.  Upon completion, the profile will be scored electronically and made available to view, print or save.  If you’re the one responsible for distributing  the links or access codes and you don’t want the respondent to view their profile before you’ve had a chance to see it, we can set restrictions to make this happen.  Same process will happen, but once the assessment has been completed, the profile will be delivered to an alternate name.



Contact us for more information: 1-855-344-DISC (3472) | info@discprofilecanada.com

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