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Although our head office is in Calgary, Alberta, both my partner and I spent 3 years living in Ontario, so we have some “Ontario blood” in us.  My favorite things about Ontario included the warmer weather, fish and chip trucks under the Blue Water Bridge and summers on Lake Huron.

DiSC Profile Ontario

Ontario is the most populated province in Canada, so it’s not surprising that a large percentage of our clients come from Ontario.  Since January 2014 we’ve welcomed several new Ontario clients: University of Western Ontario, OCAS (Ontario College Application Service), SNC-Lavalin Inc., Digitcom Telecommunications Canada Inc., TD Bank and TAS.

So why are Ontarians choosing DiSC Profile Canada?

Most Canadians like to proudly shop within Canada.  If there is an option to purchase product within your own country, most people will (assuming the price is comparable – and it is!).  Not to mention, you are purchasing products in Canadian dollars – which can often be a hidden savings when you’re price shopping between Canada and the US.


Contact us at: 1-855-344-DiSC (3472) or info@discprofilecanada.com

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