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I recently attended a good friend’s wedding at the Fairmont Banff Springs over the weekend.  The wedding was unbelievable; the bride thought of everything.  I wonder what her DiSC style is?  Since she’s a good friend of mine, I can tell you that she is not a high “C”, but she certainly honed in on her C traits to pull a wedding of this caliber off.

Anyway, back to my point,  as I listened to the bridal party, parents, newly-weds and MC give their toasts, I realized that each of them brought their own unique strengths to the podium.  No one speech was better than the other, but you could certainly see the different personalities playing out.

You had the MC, extremely dry and humorous.  He referenced the agenda for the evening several times and kept everyone on track (tough job when there are 250 guests including children being watched in a separate room).  He used a note book while speaking, but was very well rehearsed.  My people reading skills tell me he is a C.

Then there was the Maid of Honour, her speech was from the heart, had many people (including herself at moments), weeping.  Because she is also a good friend of mine, I knew how nervous she was, as well as the amount of time that went into rehearsing.  She wanted to maintain a stable environment for herself, literally, she took off her heels after 30 seconds in the spot light.  Her DiSC Style?  An S.

Many assume that the best speakers are those on the northern half of the DiSC map, The D’s and i’s, after all, they’re more outgoing, bold and confident, right?  Not necessarily.

Although there is some truth to this, there are pros and cons no matter what your DiSC style, when it comes to public speaking.  Below is a DiSC Map for your reference.  You can learn more about each of the DiSC Styles here, and below I will outline the pros and cons of each style when it comes to public speaking.


Everything DiSC Management Map

D (Dominance): 

+ Self confident
– Lack of concern for others may make people uncomfortable

i (influence):

+ Outgoing
– Being too spontaneous may create a lengthy, uncoordinated speech with no real point

S (Steadiness):

+ Well prepared and rehearsed, from the heart
– Overly emotional, nerves may show

C (Conscientiousness):

+ Organized speech, detailed notes
– May become flustered if place is lost in reading notes, will not do well with curve balls from the audience or external issues that may arise (lighting, technology, sound)




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