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Should you use a DiSC Personality assessment for hiring?  And if so, which one?

We all want to be as sure as possible that we’re hiring the right person for the job, and that this person will fit into the organizational culture.  With today’s economy – finding the “right person” is more critical than ever.  A single bad hire can cost the company anywhere from $25,000 – $50,000.  Now the cost of a DiSC Profile isn’t looking so shabby, right?

A DiSC Profile can be used as a component of the hiring process to help reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person.  We often see DiSC being used as part of the hiring and on-boarding process.

DiSC can provide incite as to what a person prioritizes and preferences.  However, it’s important to understand what DiSC does not measure:

  • specific skills
  • aptitude for a job
  • values
  • intelligence

Although we don’t claim that the personality assessment tool, DiSC, is fool proof, we can suggest that it is a fantastic tool for helping you make better, more informed choices and decisions on hiring the best person.



Here are some basic guidelines we recommend when using DiSC for hiring:

  1. Get candidates down to a short list
  2. Use DiSC to see if there is a good fit with the type of role that we’d like the candidate to perform with their own behavioral styles
  3. Generate behavior style questions that can provide you with an understanding of how good the candidate is at adapting, rather than specifying that a certain role absolutely requires a specific DiSC style

There are several options when it comes to DiSC, so depending on the role you’re hiring for, you may want to consider running a different DiSC report.  There are several DiSC options:

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