DiSC Profile – Your Guide to Happy Holiday Shopping


Tis the season to be “jolly”?  More like, Tis the season to be “busy” or “stressed”!   Here is a quick guide, according to your DiSC Style that will allow you to finish your holiday shopping, on time, with minimal stress.

DominanceDominance: Get it done, all in one afternoon.  If you can delegate this job to someone, you will – but come on, you can make it happen!  Your instincts tell you that this task can wait until December 24th, when you will just run up to the grocery store and purchase gift cards for everyone.  This year, step it up a notch – buy your gifts online.  It’s fast, quick, effective, the gifts are delivered to your door and you can typically even request they be wrapped.  Online stores like Amazon have a wide variety of products; you can even do all your online shopping at one online store!

influenceInfluence: Plan a shopping date with a group of people!  Make it a social outing and once your shopping is done, treat yourself to dinner with friends!  Consider attending or hosting a Stella and Dot  or Tupperware event and bring a bunch of people together to shop and mingle; these events typically include appetizers and beverages and a fun time for all!  Once all your shopping is done, plan an evening to have your friends over, wrap gifts while catching up and drinking a glass of wine!

strongSteadiness: Prepare in advance.  Make a list, in fact, there are app’s out there now that can make this even easier for you!  Check out the 8 Best App’s for Organizing Your Holiday Gifts Lists.  Where possible, select gifts that are from stores you would typically go to anyways – that way you know your way around and purchases will be smooth.

ConscientriusnessConscientiousness: Start shopping early! Browse all the flyers to be ready for the sales.  Be sure to clip your coupons and bring your calculator.  You’ll want to make sure you get everything on your list, within your budget.  Make sure you do your research ahead of time so that you know which stores to hit, and which coupons to use, so that you don’t miss any great deals.  Consider giving a Groupon as a gift!

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