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Not to toot our own horn; but when it comes to DiSC Profiles, we’re the experts in Canada!  Since we’re located in Calgary, Alberta, it goes without saying that we’re the experts in Alberta as well!

We have clients across the country (and in the United States and other countries), but predominantly, our business comes from Canadians, which makes us proud.

DiSC Profile Alberta

My partner and I were both born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  We understand the Alberta market.  So when it comes to understanding the needs of your organization based or doing business in Alberta, we get it.  We know what works, and what others in your industry are doing.

Most Canadians like to proudly shop within Canada.  If there is an option to purchase product within your own country, most people will (assuming the price is comparable – and it is!).  Not to mention, you are purchasing products in Canadian dollars – which can often be a hidden savings when you’re price shopping between Canada and the US.  In addition to this, there are many reasons why to shop “Canadian” first:

  • The economy – When you buy Canadian, you’re directly impacting the country in positive ways!
  • Community – When you buy Canadian, you’re contributing to the enrichment of local communities.  You’re supporting local business.
  • Patriotism – We have every reason to be proud of our country.  So buy Canadian!


Contact us at: 1-855-344-DiSC (3472) or info@discprofilecanada.com.  Or if you’re in Calgary – please call me on my cell at 403-923-7056.



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