DiSC Personality Test

Do you want to better understand your own priorities and tendencies?  Our behavioral assessment will provide you with a better understanding of who you are, why you behave a certain way and what makes YOU tick!

But that’s not all. By completing our online assessment we will also give you information on how to recognize and respect the behavioral traits in others, then adapt your style which will lead to improved communication – this then opens the door to many possibilities!  Once you start adapting your style, suddenly you have a much better understanding of what your customers prioritize, which leads to increased sales.  Or as a manager, you can improve your team’s overall productivity simply by adjusting your communication style.

The DiSC Model breaks down into four primary styles: D-i-S-C.  You can have a primary style and a secondary style (I’m an S-C for example).  Or you can just have one primary style.

DiSC Personality Test

The D Styles tend to get immediate results, take action and accept challenges.  They are motivated by challenges, power and authority and direct answers.  With D’s, you will notice that they’re self-confident and decisive.

The i Style tends to seek involvement with people.  They are motivated by social recognition, group activities and relationships.  With i’s, you will notice that they’re enthusiastic, charming and sociable.

The S Style tends to show patience and loyalty along with being a good listener.  S’s are motivated by stability and cooperation.  You will notice that S’s are patient and calm; they tend to take a methodical approach and have a desire for teamwork.

The C Style aims to ensure quality and accuracy.  They tend to focus on standards and details.  C’s are motivated by clear performance expectations and their quality/accuracy being valued.  You will notice that C’s are cautious, precise and reserved.

-Cyndi Goodjohn


Find out what your DiSC style is today!

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