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We’re mid-way through the 101st Calgary Stampede!  Despite the massive flooding in Calgary, the city pulled it together and charged ahead with the annual event.  You can feel the city come alive each year as the stampede flags go up around the city.  This year the entire city came together, Calgary Strong, “Come Hell or High Water” to make the Stampede happen.

There are plenty of things you can do to get involved with the Stampede, and depending on your DiSC profile, you will likely prefer one activity over another.  Here are some ways to join the Stampede spirit based on your personality type:

DominanceDominance: Head to the Midway and hit up some extreme rides or perhaps take in the Rodeo.  If you’re a primary D style, you are likely to want to participate in the risky bull riding, rather than just being a spectator!

Extreme rides


influenceInfluence: Party on over to Nashville North, or even better, try out for the Stampede Talent Search.  Either way you will be the life of the party or center stage!

Talent Search
Nashville North


strongSteadiness: Find a team of people and volunteer with Flood Clean-up.  As a S style, you will love the opportunity to get a group of people working together and at the same time give back to the community.

Come Hell or High Water


ConscientriusnessConscientiousness: Participate in the Midway Games/Online Games or sit back, relax and take in the Parade.  As a C, you will like the midway games as you can draw on your knack for logic and attention to detail.  Taking in the Parade will allow you to get involved, but as an individual – you don’t need to socialize or network here, just enjoy the floats and horses.

Midway Games

Over the weekend, I participated in the Stampede Roadrace with my Dad.  My primary style is S – as you can imagine, I ran the race to get out with a group of people and feel the spirit of the Stampede, and run the race as a team.  My Dad on the other hand (who’s primary style is D), was in it to win it.


-Cyndi Goodjohn


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