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Does Accuracy Drive You? The C Style

The C style, is based around the concept of ‘conscientiousness’. Which, if you ask google means, “the personality trait of being careful, or vigilant. Conscientiousness implies a desire to do a task well, and to take obligations to others seriously. Conscientious people tend to be efficient and organized as opposed to easy-going and disorderly.” What stands out for those with the C style is their desire to analyze. When analyzing a situation or problem, the C style is really trying to take a step back from it, remove themselves from the equation and get a strong understanding of what is going on so that the perceived problem can be solved. In doing so, the C style will try to break down the problem rationally to get at all of the nuances of it, so that it can be viewed objectively and with logic, in an effort to make sure no detail will be over-looked.

What is it about the C style that drives them to approach problems or situations in this way? It comes down to their needs, which are safety and security. They want to eliminate danger, or unpredictable outcomes by ensuring they are as prepared as possible based on the available data. This is about creating a comfort zone. There is also a strong need to have their choices and actions be without fault, to make sure that their decisions are seen as being valid, justifiable, and correct at all times. This way they will not be to blame when something goes wrong that is out of their control.

Control can be an important concept for those with the C Style. That doesn’t mean they are controlling, just that they like to be in control as a means of maintaining safety and security. For example, in a social situation, a C style will enter cautiously, hold back, speak very little, and assess the situation. This isn’t because they are antisocial necessarily, but in holding back, they maintain control over their own actions in a situation they can’t control, which allows them be true to their need to maintain safety and security.

C’s can often be misunderstood when they are trying to avoid mistakes. Others might assume they think they are always right or need to be right, when in actuality they are motivated by accuracy. This is not about arrogance, though it can become that. It is more about a fear of being wrong, and putting a lot of pressure on one’s self to to avoid it. This can be misinterpreted by others. The C style sets high personal standards, which an outsider may assume means the C believes they are infallible. While the C style doesn’t want to be blamed for mistakes or failures, it is more that they take pride in the accuracy and quality of their work.

Those with the C style can be very stubborn in their arguments about why their conclusion is right and logical. The C style person may be unable to see another person’s side because they are so invested in the logic of their own argument. They see themselves as being credible. It’s what they strive for, and in so doing, may find it difficult to appreciate that someone else could be right, especially when they disagree with the C person’s perspective.

Everyone has pride motivators, for the C style, being an expert is theirs. It proves their competency to themselves. Like all motivators, striving to give accurate results is not a bad thing, but as with everyone, when pride goes too far, that stubbornness, that need to be right and prove it, can turn into arrogance and be seen negatively by colleagues. It is important for those with the C style to remember not to build their self-worth and value around their competency, and to not hide in their areas of expertise. If one never ventures out of what they know, you never learn and thus you cannot grow. It is important for a person with a C style to keep in mind that the vulnerability of being out of your comfort zone, and admitting you don’t know something is the beginning of creating new understanding. It is also important to remember that there is sometimes more than one right answer, and your value or worth is not based on your being right all the time .


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How Everything DiSC Management Techniques Can Make A Better Workplace

‘If there is a will there is a way,’ so goes the saying that stresses upon the importance of willpower. However, the application of willpower in practical situations is predicated upon one’s behavioral trait – positive or negative. Even though the applicability of one’s behavioral trait finds expression in virtually every field, it is the workplace where it makes the maximum impact, again in a positive or negative way. Continue reading

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Is Your DiSC Profile S? Learn More About Your Personality

By way of introducing myself, I might as well start by talking about my DiSC style, which is S. What do we know about people with an S style? It really comes down to one word: Harmony, but that really is an all-encompassing thing. Continue reading

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What Motivates Your Team? Find Out with Everything DiSC Workplace

Keeping your team motivated is an ongoing challenge for any leader. How you will go about keeping your team members motivated in the workplace will depend on your personal style as a leader as well as the unique personalities of every team member. Continue reading

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Get To Know Your Customers with Everything DiSC Sales


Everything DiSC is an engaging and comprehensive workplace personality assessment program that helps you to build productive and positive workplace skills based on your specific habits, strengths and weakness as an employee.

Everything DiSC Sales is our workplace assessment and skill development program that is tailored-made for people working within the sales industry. Unlike our other programs, Everything DiSC Sales focuses on the DiSC profile of both sales people and their customers. This extra insight gives sales people the knowledge they need to better assist their clients, creating a better business for everyone involved. Here is some more information about how Everything DiSC Sales can work to bring sales people and their customers closer together.

Customer DiSC Profiles

In the same way that each sales person has their own DiSC profile that details all of their habits, strengths and weakness as an employee, every customer also has their own unique DiSC profile. DiSC profiles are separated into four broad categories. Nobody is exclusively tied to a specific DiSC style—everyone has a little of every DiSC style, and the attributes of different styles may be highlighted under certain circumstances. However, these four profiles can be used as a general framework to better understand your customers, their motivations and behaviors. The four DiSC customer profiles are:

D Style: D style customers are fast-paced and skeptical. These customers aren’t afraid to express their opinions and may be assertive in their wants and needs.

i Style: i style customers and fast-paced and warm. They may be talkative, expressive, energetic, and looking to build a rapport with sales people before buying.

S Style: S style customers are warm and cautious. These customers are friendly and agreeable but may be more reluctant to move towards a sale.

C Style: C Style customers are skeptical and cautious. These customers are the ones who want to make an informed decision before committing to a sale, and may feel mistrustful of overly-friendly sales people.

The key to being a successful sales person is to really know your customers. Everything DiSC Sales gives you the tools and insight you need to develop your sales skills and build a long-lasting rapport with your customers. For more information about all of the workshops and skill-building programs we have available, contact us today.

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Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification


Do you want to learn to how to facilitate DiSC workshops at your workplace? Strengthen communication, presentation skills, time mastery and more with professional certification like the Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification. This course is administered remotely so you can complete 3-5 hours of self-directed learning at work or from home at any time you please.

Benefits of the course

Training to facilitate DiSC workshops gives the facilitator a deeper understanding of the mechanics of DiSC and the extensive research that has gone into it. While certification is not mandatory, it does prepare the facilitator to be confident, knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to conducting workshops in the workplace. This is because the course exposes the facilitator to the various tools and strategies that make up Everything DiSC products. The course has been designed to act as an interactive, guided manual, a rich resource you can always come back to when you need to refer to it.

With the Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification you will…

  • Learn how to apply DiSC concepts and theories to real-world scenarios
  • Gain in-depth knowledge, expertise and resources to excel at conducting effective Everything DiSC workshops
  • Learn to identify the needs of your organization
  • Take part in a fun and engaging training experience
  • Receive professional certification


The course has a number of features that makes the learning experience favourable.

They include:

  • Four coherent modules that feature explorative, collaborative and active learning
  • Materials like the Everything DiSC workplace facilitation kit
  • Live facilitated sessions and breakout sessions
  • Access to professional trainers who will guide you throughout your learning process

These four modules are to be completed over a four-week period and the course ends with a final exam. Course work can be completed remotely, allowing you to complete the coursework around your schedule. Each week, a mandatory live session is scheduled.  

Are you interested in becoming professionally certified with DiSC? Get in touch with us today for any questions and inquiries!

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Now Available: Everything DiSC® Management in French


We are excited to announce the launch of Everything DiSC® Management in French.  As of, November 8, 2016, you can now complete the Everything DiSC Management assessment, in French. In addition to the Management Profile, you’ll also have access to Supplement for Facilitator Reports and will be able to use the new profile with Comparison Reports in EPIC as well as within MyEverythingDiSC.com!

Wiley will continue to translate the Everything DiSC family of tools for French.  Currently, we now have Everything DiSC Workplace and Everything DiSC Management available in French.

Here are sample profiles:

Everything DiSC Management Profile (French)

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile (French)

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Improve Your Management Skills with Everything DiSC Management


Managing a team of employees is not always an easy task. It takes tremendous dedication, attention, and a willingness to adapt to a constantly changing work environment. Even people who have been in management positions for years struggle to create a harmonious, efficient and productive workplace. Whether you have plenty of experience or you’re just starting out as a manager, Everything DiSC Management can help you hone and improve your leadership skills. Here is some more information about this innovative and engaging workplace training program.

How Does Everything DiSC Management Work?

Similar to our other DISC programs, Everything DiSC Management begins with an in-depth assessment of your management style and habits. Based on the results of this assessment, a management profile is generated that is customized to reflect your strengths, weaknesses, priorities and motivations as a manager. Using this profile, Everything DiSC Management provides useful strategies, tactics and exercises to help you develop your managerial skills.

Your Management Preferences

One aspect that Everything DiSC Management helps you to discover is your management preferences. What do you like about being a manager? Which responsibilities or tasks do you shy away from? Thinking about the answers to these questions can help you understand yourself better as a manager. For instance, you may enjoy facilitating team building as a manager, but dislike giving negative or constructive feedback to individuals. Everything DiSC Management helps you to become aware of these preferences, and provides strategies to help you prevent these preferences from interfering with the quality of your management. Everything DiSC also helps you to understand your delegating style so you can get a better sense of how to best direct your employees.

Learning good management techniques is an ongoing process. As your team of employees changes and grows, you’ll have to reassess your management style to adapt to your new environment. Everything DiSC Management helps emerging and established managers to understand and develop their managerial skills. For more information about this innovative and engaging program, and to learn more about the other DiSC workplace training programs, contact us today at DISC Profile Canada.

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Discover Your Priorities with Everything DiSC Workplace

disc-profile-2Every employee is motivated by different things in the workplace, but many people don’t know what the sources of their motivations are. Without this knowledge, it can be difficult for team members to understand how to best contribute to their work environment.

That’s where Everything DiSC Workplace comes in: this innovative and engaging program uses a detailed personal assessment to identify your personal style in the workplace. With this customized profile, team members can begin to understand their priorities and develop strategies to maximize their productivity and success in the workplace. Here are just a few examples of possible workplace priorities:

Collaboration—People who value collaboration find stimulation and motivation from working as a team. These people prefer working in groups as opposed to working independently, and their group-focused nature makes them very adept at bringing people together to work towards a common goal.

Action—People who value action take pride in getting things done. These people value quick, immediate action rather than endless deliberation and second-guessing. People who value action are often very adaptable and good at revising strategies on the fly, which makes them important team members in the face of rapidly changing demands or circumstances.

Accuracy—People who value accuracy aren’t simply satisfied with a completed task—they are more concerned that the task is completed correctly. People who value accuracy are great at generating action plans that are detailed and thorough rather than vague. Their attention to detail is a valuable asset to any team.

These are just three of the 8 priorities that one can have in the workplace. Most people have more than one priority—they often have several overlapping priorities and motivations that guide them through their daily workplace operations.

By becoming aware of these priorities, employee can begin to understand how they can best contribute to the workplace. Everything DiSC Workplace can help employees identify their specific priorities and how they can benefit their team. For more information about Everything DiSC Workplace and the other training programs available from DISC Profile Canada, contact us today.

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Vision, Alignment and Execution: Improve Your Leadership Skills with Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders ProfileLearning effective leadership skills can take an entire career. There is no single correct way to be a leader and get the best results from your team. Developing leadership skills is often about trial and error and finding the methods that work well for you. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is a course designed to help you recognize your unique leadership style and implement it in the most effective way possible.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders was compiled after years of studying and analyzing research on effective leadership habits from the last three decades. This innovative workshop was developed with the help of 300 experts from over 150 organizations. The result is a course that provides people in leadership positions the skills and confidence necessary to guide a large team of employees.

How Does Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Function?

This workshop begins with an in-depth assessment of your leadership style based on the highly detailed DiSC profile system. The course then helps you to craft a vision for your team, create an alignment around that vision, and champion the execution of your vision, all based on your individual leadership style.


One of the most important leadership jobs is to create a clear vision for your team. A vision is broad goal of where you want your team or company to move towards in the future. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders gives you strategies for conceptualizing a realistic yet bold vision for your team or company, based on your specific leadership skills.


Alignment refers to the process of bringing all of your employees together under the same vision. Without the sense of unity, it will be much more difficult to work together productively towards the goals of your vision. Every leader will have a different way of creating team unity, and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders can help you realize and implement your own unique strategy to foster group cohesion.


The final leadership function is to spearhead the execution of your team’s vision. A successful leader will make sure that everything is in place to turn the company’s vision into a reality. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders uses your personalized DiSC profile to provide you with tips and solutions for overcoming the challenges that can prevent success in the workplace.

Occupying a leadership position takes careful foresight and planning. Gain the skills and confidence to lead a successful workplace with Everything DiSC Work of Leaders. For more information about the innovative and engaging workshops we have available, contact us today at DISC Profile Canada.

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