Unplugged. How your DiSC Style Impacts the Way You React to a Situation.

So, today I am disconnected from the internet world.  Not by choice I may add.  I’ve forgotten my phone and I’m unable to access wifi from my computer.  So – I will now spend the next 3 hours, alone, totally disconnected from the world.  It’s funny, it’s ONLY a mere 3 hours and I have instantly gone into panic mode.  I wanted to find wifi and inform the world via facebook “I don’t have my phone today.”  Next step was to find a pay phone to let my childcare know I would not be accessible.  Ooops, even if I could find a pay phone, I have no coins.  I asked a fellow citizen to borrow their cell phone to make the call.  The second I held that smart phone in my hands I felt the anxiety seeping out of my pours.  Ahhh – I’m connected.  Even for a brief moment, it was enough to calm me.

So here I sit, embracing the next 3 hours without any interruptions.  After taking the long overdue opportunity to clean out my wallet, (Bonus – beyond the mummums and pacifiers, there are some pretty good expense receipts jammed in deep pockets of my purse!), I decided what better time than to write a blog.  Yup, I am putting an actual pen to paper here (this feels weird!).  And later I will be forced to type this up to get it out to the world.

I got to thinking, I wonder if all DiSC styles would approach this situation the same way?  Or is it my generation that struggles to spend more than 30 minutes of alone time disconnected? I think this has played out for me in a pretty typical SC way.

I reacted emotionally, typical of an “S” (Steadiness), and my first action was to inform my childcare that I would not be accessible today (focusing on others and how my actions impact the “team” that surrounds me).

Next, the “C” (Conscientiousness) in me thought “Hey, let’s organize your wallet and purse.”  Not only did this assist with organizing my life, but it provided me a sense of accomplishment and calming.

I did have to pull on my “D” (Dominance) traits, being forced to ask a total stranger to borrow his phone.  But I haven’t yet resorted to my “i” (influence) traits (why would I want to spend the next 3 hours socializing with people that I don’t know).  Instead, I’ll get busy writing a blog. What would an “i” style be doing right now?  Probably meeting new people, passing the time by getting to know those around them.  A D style?  Likely a D would find a way to get connected and resume life as normal.

What would you do?

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– Cyndi Goodjohn



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