Personal Listening Profile

Communication is vital to an organization’s success. But effective communication is not only the ability to speak or write well; it hinges on the ability to listen. More than simply “hearing,” listening is the ability to receive, attend to, interpret, and respond to verbal and non-verbal messages.

The Personal Listening Profile helps people discover their most natural approach to listening while gaining insight into the different listening approaches of others. In addition, participants learn when and how to adopt another approach for more successful communication.

The Personal Listening assessment is available in as an online assessment or as a paper profile.  The paper profile includes the assessment, scoring, and interpretation.

The 16-page Personal Listening Profile gives personalized strengths and growth areas and provides suggestions for improvement. It includes the Communication Gap Analysis, an at-a-glance look at how the respondent’s listening strengths and weaknesses relate to the intended message of the speaker. An action-planning section encourages people to reflect on their listening styles and to develop strategies for improvement.

Personal Listening Facilitator Report

The Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Report (available with online version only) gives a snapshot of group dynamics by showing the similarities and differences that can lead to miscommunication. It also helps to identify those individuals whose scores fall outside of group averages and who may feel isolated by the dominant listening styles of the group.

New! Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Kit

The Personal Listening Profile Facilitator Kit includes lessons with Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint, and participant handouts to support both the online and paper versions of the Personal Listening Profile. You also get 15 minutes of contemporary video that you can use to illustrate the different listening styles.

Introduction to Personal Listening

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Personal Listening Facilitator Report – Sample Report

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