Q: Do I need to be certified to facilitate workshops using DiSC?
A: Certification is not mandatory. In fact with the comprehensive Facilitation Kit that is available with each product, it allows you to be up and running in very little time, provided you have the basic facilitation skills. Certification is available, however, online or in person (2 day session in Minneapolis, MN, USA). The benefit is a deeper understanding of the underpinnings of DiSC and the research behind it, which adds more confidence and knowledge to be able to respond to your participants effectively. Additionally, you will be exposed to all of the various Everything DiSC products, to gain better familiarity. Contact us for certification dates/sessions.

Q: How does DiSC compare to MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)?
A: People who know MBTI and DiSC agree that they both are valuable learning tools. But to select the best tool for the job, you need a clear understanding of the organization’s goals. People prefer DiSC when: a) their goal is to get people to work more effectively together; b) training time is limited; and c) they want follow-up to ensure the training gets used. Check out some quotes from various users of both.

Q: What is a “Comparison Report?
A:Comparison Reports” are part of the Everything DiSC family of products. They are follow-up reports that can be created for any two people who have participated in any one of the Everything DiSC profiles, to illustrate their similarities and differences. The research-validated 11-page Everything DiSC Comparison Report illustrates similarities and differences between two individuals. This helps immensely to build better relationships and makes training stick. And participants get unlimited access – at no additional charge. Click here to view a sample comparison report.

Q: How did my graph become a dot?
A: Although the circular representation of DiSC is designed to be simple and intuitive, it also conveys a great deal of information about a person’s DiSC style at a glance. Both the graph and the circumplex have distinct advantages, however, the circumplex is gaining widespread popularity for many reasons. To learn more, take a look at the research report.

Q: What is Your Own Account and who looks after it?
A: Your own account is a powerful online resource to manage DiSC and other assessments. We at DiSC Profile Canada can manage all your online assessments for you, or if you want to control it yourself, we can set you up with your own account. That way you can administer when you send out the links to complete profiles, creation of Comparison or Group reports, how you file the profiles, etc. Click here to learn more about setting up your own administration account.

Q: Why should I use Wiley (formerly Inscape) products, given that there is lots of choice in the marketplace?
A: Wiley (formerly Inscape Publishing, Inc.), headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a leading developer of DiSC-based corporate training and assessment solutions. Over 30 years ago, Inscape pioneered the DiSC assessment—bringing it out of the textbook and into the workplace. Wiley launched Everything DiSC, its third-generation applications that combine online assessment, classroom facilitation, and post-training follow-up reports to create powerful, personalized workplace development experiences. With a global network of nearly 1800 independent distributors, Wiley’s solution-focused products are used in thousands of organizations, including major government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Every year, more than a million people worldwide participate in programs that use a Wiley assessment. Wiley products have been translated into 30 different languages and are used in 70 countries.

Q: Who uses DiSC?
A: More than 44 million people have used Wiley’s (formerly Inscape Publishing) DiSC profiles, since 1970. This includes individuals who are trying to understand themselves and others to improve relationships, right up to Fortune 500 companies who are focused on leadership development, sales effectiveness, teambuilding, project management, strategic planning, and overall workplace improvement.

Q: How long is a typical DiSC workshop?
A: Each of the Everything DiSC offerings (Sales, Work of Leaders, Management, and Workplace) have been developed in a modular format so that workshops can be delivered in as little as one hour, with the full program being six to eight hours. Typically, participants can have a good understanding of DiSC and are able to use the skills to start improving relationships and productivity, by attending a four hour workshop.

Q: How will DiSC benefit my organization?
A: By improving relationships, one at a time. This isn’t to say that the relationships are bad in the first place, it’s just that by understanding different personalities and the associated priorities, people are able to better adapt their communication, and increased productivity will naturally follow. DiSC is easy to understand and get working with, so your organization can create a common language and culture that is fulfilling and rewarding, with happy, engaged people.

Q: Will my DiSC profile change over time?
A: Generally speaking, your DiSC profile should stay fairly consistent over time. That isn’t to say that your “dot” will not move within a relatively small range even from one day to the next – you are constantly adapting to the environment and people around you. However, a major shift of your “dot” placement indicates a big change in your personality, which is unlikely – you are who you are. When there is a significant shift in a profile, we like to look at a number of possibilities before concluding that you have made a huge shift in your personality. Some of these possibilities are:

  • You may think your job expects certain behaviors, and you try to answer the questions accordingly, vs. who you really are.
  • You may answer the questions based on your desire to be a certain type, or according to your development plans, as opposed to who you really are.
  • You may be experiencing a severe life crisis and may therefore be confused and disoriented.

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